What Trump’s Win Means for Nearshoring

As the world adjusts to the surprise election of Donald Trump as the next U.S. president, various sectors are starting to take a closer look at what that win means for their respective markets.


Trade has been a touchy subject of late, and Trump has voiced his own agenda about how to manage America’s relations and what to do about pending and existing trade agreements he feels don’t work.


When it comes to nearshoring—which has picked up in popularity in recent years as brands and retailers look to mimic closer to market manufacturing models that shorten delivery times—it isn’t yet clear whether Trump’s win will have a positive, adverse or no effect on the trend.


Sourcing Journal spoke to three experts on the matter, a trade lawyer, a manufacturer based in the Americas and the managing director of an apparel industry network representing manufacturing in the Americas, to get some insight on the outlook.


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