The Latest at Lenzing Driven By Sustainability

Lenzing continues to make further forays into sustainability.


From a new sustainability strategy, to recognition for ethical sourcing of wood for its fibers, to a new eco-friendly viscose with the industry’s lowest environmental impact, here’s the latest look at what’s happening at Lenzing.


A new sustainability strategy


Lenzing wants sustainable fibers to be available to more people around the world, which would not only foster economic success, but provide benefits for people and the planet.


The company’s new sustainability strategy highlights four focus areas for creating more positive impacts, including: wood security, water stewardship, decarbonization and sustainable innovations. To realize benefits in these areas, Lenzing plans to empower people, partner for systemic change and enhance community wellbeing.


When it comes to wood security, as wood is Lenzing’s most important natural resource, the company plans to focus on sustainable sourcing through certifications, more responsible consumption and using the wood efficiently through biorefinery. With water growing increasingly scarce, though not at all less vital, Lenzing is encouraging its partners to incorporate TENCEL® branded lyocell fibers into their products as it uses much less water in it’s manufacture. The company is doing its part to help climate change by creating fibers that consume less energy and put out less CO2. And when it comes to enhancing community well-being, Lenzing is maintaining eco-responsible operations and fair labor, while also contributing to local economic development.


“Sustainability is a core value and the guiding light for innovation in the Lenzing Group. The raw material wood and the manufacturing processes applied in Lenzing are the basis for the low water consumption of our fibers,” Lenzing Group CEO Stefan Doboczky, said. “In addition, Lenzing™ fibers consume less energy, and, as a result, emit significantly less CO2 than comparable products in the market. Expanding the sales of our most ecological fibers is a core driver for our business and a benefit for the planet.” 


Download the complete Lenzing 2016 Sustainability Report .


CanopyStyle releases first verification audit results of Lenzing’s wood sourcing


According to environmental nonprofit NGO’s Canopy and the Rainforest Alliance, Lenzing is rated low risk for sourcing wood from endangered or otherwise controversial sources.


Lenzing was the first leading viscose producer to complete the audit, which requires verifiable evidence that the wood and pulp Lenzing uses to produce its fibers are sourced based on Canopy and Rainforest Alliance framework designed to conserve biodiversity and maintain sustainable livelihoods.


“Canopy welcomes these first audit results as a key milestone on the CanopyStyle path to end the use of endangered forests in fabrics,” Canopy executive director Nicole Rycroft said in a press release. “These audits are a learning tool for producers and an instrument for Canopy and our 100 brand partners in assessing risk within the rayon-viscose supply chain. A warm congratulations to Lenzing being the first to take this significant step forward in fulfilling its CanopyStyle commitments.”


Lenzing launches new EcoVero™ fibers 


Taking another big step forward for sustainability, Lenzing brings EcoVero™ branded viscose fibers to the market, and these new fibers have set a new industry-wide benchmark for having the…


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