New York City, According to Haysun Hahn

Trend forecaster Haysun Hahn says New York City won’t ever lose its position as a key play in the world as the center of fashion, however, the proud New Yorker says the buzz surrounding its local industry can be a little lackluster. Hahn wants to change that with NYC Textile Week. “It is still the most global city in the world. It is a very important place, especially for textiles,” she said. Hahn added, “This is still the most innovative population, where ideas start to germinate. It doesn’t happen elsewhere else.”
Here, Hahn shares her tips on how to make the most of your visit to NYC Textile Week and the city she calls home.
Visit stores: Hahn says New York City is where retail and fashion are trends are born. “New York City is the biggest mall on the planet. You can see the most in the shortest time possible in New York. You can get a very quick read of what is out in stores—not necessarily what is being bought,” she said.
Visit neighborhoods: While SoHo is a “mecca” for outdoor brands, Hahn says the nabe is boring. Noho? “Disappeared.” Harlem? “It’s overrated.” Geographically, Hahn is watching Brooklyn. “I love that the minute you go to the Brooklyn side, the energy shifts,” she said, noting that businesses and boutiques in the borough are open trying different things. “It’s like a little East Village before that disappeared,” she quipped.
Parts of the Bronx are striking Hahn’s fancy, as well as the portion of Broadway between 33rd Street and Union Square. While bars at the NoMad Hotel and Ace Hotel are packed to the brim with young and fashionable people, outside the streets are still smelly and loud. “It’s a strange area because they have space to experiment and do something new,” Hahn said.
Eat—a lot: When it comes to dining out, Hahn said go new or go old. “Find out what the most recently opened restaurant is and go to it, because whatever the newest place is will be the oldest thing in six month,” she explained. Or, appease your tourist instincts and have dinner at one of the city’s marquee restaurants. “See what Landmark or The Boathouse look like. They’re not tourist traps. You won’t find a better brand than at The Boathouse,” Hahn added.
Visit a museum: Hahn says pick one museum—not a gallery—and dedicated time to walk through the entire collection. Visit the new Whitney Museum of American Art, or go classic and browse the Met. “I really use New York City. We so underestimate the value of the city’s museum. They are incredibly curated,” she said.