KPNY 2017, Presenting Korea’s Leading Textile and Fabric Manufacturers

Do you currently source any fabric from Korea? Regardless of your answer, dropping by Korean Preview in New York (KPNY) will be a good investment of your time.


KPNY is a well-established trade show that has been held annually for the last 20 years in Manhattan and exclusively features Korean textiles of all types. Over 60 carefully selected companies will be displaying the very best fabrics that Korea has to offer. There will also be plenty of opportunities to have one-on-one meetings with companies of your choosing and with the wide range of fabrics on display something is bound to catch your eye.


In case you aren’t aware, the quality and price competitiveness of Korean textiles has markedly improved over the last couple years. Already well-known for their high quality and innovative manufacturing techniques and designs, the price of Korean textiles is now much lower than you might expect. Not to mention the level of service that the companies provide is unmatched in Asia, and maybe the world for that matter. The value is there, so we hope that you can come to the show and see it for yourself.


KPNY 2017 will be held June 28-29 at Metropolitan Pavilion. For more information, visit Once you registered, we will provide you with more information about the show in advance.