Bloggers: Denim Dye Hards

If you’re reading this, chances are that you know here at Carved in Blue we like to delve into the inner workings of the denim industry, covering everything from consumer consciousness and environmental responsibility to current trends and industry trailblazers. Here, we caught up with three influential bloggers in the denim space to get a bird’s-eye view of tastemakers within the industry.


A Style Diary, created in 2012 by Bankè, is a UK based fashion blog founded as an outlet to inspire and influence individual wardrobe and everyday outfit choices. Bankè’s background in fashion, particularly styling, gives her a unique perspective on things that look good and items that fit to flatter. Skinny high-waisted jeans are her signature go-to style, and while she does experiment with trends, Bankè knows a good thing when she sees it.


Carved in Blue: What is your take on denim both in your personal life and in business?


Bankè: Keep the ripped, distressed, patchwork or anything else busy for personal life, and opt for cleaner cuts for work or business. It depends on what you do and the industry, but the business world perceives people as more “ready for work” if they don’t look like they are on casual errands or grabbing brunch with friends.


Carved in Blue: What was your first pair of jeans?


Bankè: I don’t remember my actual first pair, but I remember I had a pair of flared jeans with butterfly embroidery that I loved and wore for many years in the late 90’s.


Carved in Blue: Which brand now is your favorite?


Bankè: I own a pair of Paige denim, a couple of Levis and MiH. Right now, Marques Almeida is rocking the denim world.


Carved in Blue: What is missing from the denim market now?


Bankè: I’m actually finding it hard to find vintage or retro style jeans. High street brands do a wide range of styles, and lots of fashion boutiques have popped up in the recent years. It’s easy to find alternative styles and cuts in the market now, but difficult when it comes to vintage and retro.


Carved in Blue: Who do you look for denim inspiration?


Bankè: Marques Almeida.


Carved in Blue: Where do you shop for your denim?


Bankè: I shop a lot on the high street, I think most of my denim trousers are from Topshop and bits and bobs of other brands.


Carved in Blue: What does “carved in blue” mean to you?


Bankè: Carved in blue to me, means finding a pair of nice fitting denim that fits your form like a pair of gloves.


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Denim designer Jill Lawrence founded her blog, The Denim Eye, to share her knowledge and passion with a wider audience of denim lovers. The Denim Eye brings an in-depth look at trends and techniques in the denim industry, and her site is also a shoppable treasure trove where you can find vintage and archived pieces.


Carved in Blue: What is your background and what makes you an expert in denim?


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