The Local: The Voices Behind NYC Textile Week

Visit the Resource Row at Texworld USA / Apparel Sourcing USA to meet our Summer 2017 Resource Partners

Texworld USA and Apparel Sourcing USA bring you the Resource Row–a collective of specialized industry groups and companies providing services and information to visitors. Read more about these great companies below and make sure to stop by Hall 1D Lower Level to meet them and obtain additional information.


Texworld USA x StartUP FASHION Independent Designer Meet-up

Join us for a meet-up for the Independent Designer. Have a drink, connect with fellow designers, and pick up a Tradeshow Success Kit: Everything you need to make the most of your tradeshow experience while sourcing incredible fabrics, learning at the seminars, and being a part of industry discussions at Texworld USA. To attend the meet-up click here:


Connecting Ethical Fashion

Jessica Kelly from Thr3efold, an ethical fashion broker who connects buyers and designers with ethical factories in india and beyond talks with New York City Textile Week.



 Tell us a bit about your background and how your mission of connecting the fashion industry with ethical factories and manufacturing took shape.

I have loved fashion since I was a little girl and working in it is still a dream come true, but after I had a few years of experience in the industry from PR to sales to events and marketing, I had become restless for something more. Around this time I had the opportunity to embark on a volunteer trip to Zimbabwe. It was the first time I had been face to face with injustice and on my return flight back to New York I couldn’t sleep, I knew I had to find a way for this industry that I loved so much to change the world for the better. Fast forward a few years through a lot of brainstorming, building, and pivoting and I decided to go on a research & development trip to India to learn first hand the life of the garment workers and how the industry operated on the other side. I expected the worst, but was blown away by the incredible factories I met, both large and small scale, setting the bar in ethical and environmental standards, and I knew I had to bring them more work and make it easier for all brands to be ethically made.



How does THR3EFOLD help fashion brands and what services or resources do you provide?

THR3EFOLD is an ethical fashion brokerage connecting brands with ethical factories around the world. Through community and connection we are paving the road to a 100% ethically made fashion industry.


In your opinion, what are the biggest challenges that the fashion industry faces today in terms of meeting the growing consumer demand for sustainable and ethical production standards?

Access. The factory world is vastly untouched. With so many factory options all buried behind poor websites, and almost zero presence inthe west, it’s like finding a needle in a haystack, not to mention finding one that meets your high quality standards consistently with excellent communication. We are trying to make this easier.


How does a commitment to ethical manufacturing help support the efforts around larger global issues like poverty, sex trafficking and slave labor?

We have to start believing in the role we each individually play in the global market and the progress it is able to make. One in six people work in fashion, making it the largest labored industry in the world. So not only does fashion play a large role in shifting cultural norms and society’s opinion but it also has the economic power to change lives worldwide. Choosing an ethically certified factory ensures that the people making your clothes can live a stable life that meets their needs and educates their children. It enables you to support global women’s empowerment as 80% of garment workers are women ages 18 – 35 often living in areas plagued by gender inequality, and in some cases these factories specifically focus on employing impoverished people groups such as individuals rescued out of sex trafficking and slave labor. Where we choose to plant our supply chain directly correlates with the positive impact we are able to make globally.


Where can visitors find out more about THR3EFOLD and the factories you work with?

You can learn more about ethical manufacturing at www.thr3efold. com and email us to start getting connected today. You can also stop by booth F28 in Hall 1D during the show to connect with us directly.

NYC Mayor Welcomes NYC Textile Week.

Once again the City of New York provides an official welcome to everyone attending NYC Textile Week.

Mayor Bill deBlasio states:


“New York has long been at the forefront of advancements in all design disciplines, and we are delighted to once again host this exciting convention. Featuring networking events, panel discussions, and a variety of shows from Texworld USA, Kotra, Project Liberty, MRket and other leading trade groups, NYC Textile Week provides exhibitors and attendees with the opportunity to connect with professionals from around the world and learn more about the trends and innovations that are shaping the future of the global fashion, fabric and home furnishings industries. I applaud everyone associated with presenting this wonderful showcase for their efforts to highlight the talent of our city’s diverse designers, foster economic development in the five boroughs, and reinforce our status as a dynamic hub of commerce and creativity.


On behalf of all New Yorkers, I offer my best wishes for a productive week and an enjoyable stay in our great city.”


New York City is ready and waiting for NYC Textile Week to start – come join us!

Upgrade Your NYC Textile Week with the 2017 Delegate Pass

While you’re here taking in all there is to see in textiles in New York City, make the best of the week with extra savings for things around town.



With the NYC & Company Delegate Discount Pass, all Texworld USA attendees, exhibitors, meeting planners and event staff can get deals on things to see, eat and do in New York City.



From dining at Big Daddy’s in Gramercy to trying the trendy Gotham West Market and checking out Tavern on the Green, there’s lots of options for discounted eats.



When it comes to attractions and tours, check out the 9/11 Tribute Museum, rent a bike to explore Central Park or catch Blue Man Group in the evening.


Check out everything the 2017 Delegate Discount Pass has to offer here, and you can use a printed pass or show it on mobile to get the discounts.



Download here:

Texworld USA Seminar Schedule Released

In addition to providing access to a large variety of international suppliers and products on the Texworld USA show floor, they aim to offer all visitors ample educational opportunities through the Texworld USA Seminar Series, organized by Lenzing Fibers. Each topic is specially tailored to be relevant to the global textile and sourcing landscape, upcoming trends and business and career development. Sessions are hosted by carefully curated panels of industry experts.



Some highlights include


1) FASHION 101: HOW TO START A FASHION LINE by Mercedes Gonzales, Founder and Director – Global Purchasing Companies

This workshop is geared towards helping the new fashion designer, production person, and even retailer who wants to start their own private label line. Learn from this practical and insightful crash-course on how business is really done.




Now that the Trump administration has formally removed the U.S. from the TPP agreement and threatened to remove us from or renegotiate NAFTA where are the remaining opportunities for duty free sourcing and what can we expect?




With Jeff Wilson, Director of Business Value Strategy & Development – Textile Exchange;  Andreas Dorner, Regional Commercial Director – Lenzing Fibers, Inc. ; Issac Nichelson, Sustainable Fashion Innovator – RECOVER®; Moderator – Arthur Friedman, Senior Editor – Sourcing Journal


The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency reports that 26 billion pounds of apparel and textiles end up in landfills each year, even though the Council for Textile Recycling says 95 percent of used clothing can be recycled. Several companies have turned to recycling or upcycling of fabrics and finished goods, from denim to wool. Hear from our panel about the importance of this trend and the latest developments in the area.


In addition to the seminars there are special floor sessions like performance pitches and textile talks.  Be inspired!


Both the seminar series and floor sessions are complimentary to all registered Texworld USA attendees.  For the full schedule click here

25 Essential Soho Shops

Soho is one of the City’s prime shopping destinations. Throw a stone down Spring Street and you’ll hit a number of high-end boutiques (Chanel and Burberry, to name two little labels), and there’s plenty more where they came from. Here are 25 stores to bookmark.—Christina Parrella


Check out the 25 Stores at NYCgo.COM

Korean Preview in New York is Just Around the Corner


Step away from your desk and explore KPNY to get your creative juices flowing. KPNY2017 will feature a wide range of fabrics with unique designs and high-quality materials to give you a better idea of what to expect for the 2018 F/W season.


At last year’s Korean Preview in New York, KPNY2016, Patricia Field (Fashion Director for ‘Sex and the City’) was impressed by the high-tech textiles on display, and remarked that KPNY was featuring companies that are “revolutionizing the apparel industry by cutting out and eliminating all of the methods of the 19th and 20th centuries.”


Bill de Blasio (NYC Mayor): “KPNY provides exhibitors and attendees with the opportunity to connect with professionals from around the world and learn more about the trends and innovations that are shaping the future of global fashion, fabric and home furnishings.”


If you deal with fabrics or textiles in any form, it will definitely be worth your while to attend this event. You will have the opportunity to meet with some of the best textile manufacturers that South Korea has to offer.  So please mark it down on your calendars and be sure to preregister to skip the lines at the event. We hope to see you there!

The Latest at Lenzing Driven By Sustainability

Lenzing continues to make further forays into sustainability.


From a new sustainability strategy, to recognition for ethical sourcing of wood for its fibers, to a new eco-friendly viscose with the industry’s lowest environmental impact, here’s the latest look at what’s happening at Lenzing.


A new sustainability strategy


Lenzing wants sustainable fibers to be available to more people around the world, which would not only foster economic success, but provide benefits for people and the planet.


The company’s new sustainability strategy highlights four focus areas for creating more positive impacts, including: wood security, water stewardship, decarbonization and sustainable innovations. To realize benefits in these areas, Lenzing plans to empower people, partner for systemic change and enhance community wellbeing.


When it comes to wood security, as wood is Lenzing’s most important natural resource, the company plans to focus on sustainable sourcing through certifications, more responsible consumption and using the wood efficiently through biorefinery. With water growing increasingly scarce, though not at all less vital, Lenzing is encouraging its partners to incorporate TENCEL® branded lyocell fibers into their products as it uses much less water in it’s manufacture. The company is doing its part to help climate change by creating fibers that consume less energy and put out less CO2. And when it comes to enhancing community well-being, Lenzing is maintaining eco-responsible operations and fair labor, while also contributing to local economic development.


“Sustainability is a core value and the guiding light for innovation in the Lenzing Group. The raw material wood and the manufacturing processes applied in Lenzing are the basis for the low water consumption of our fibers,” Lenzing Group CEO Stefan Doboczky, said. “In addition, Lenzing™ fibers consume less energy, and, as a result, emit significantly less CO2 than comparable products in the market. Expanding the sales of our most ecological fibers is a core driver for our business and a benefit for the planet.” 


Download the complete Lenzing 2016 Sustainability Report .


CanopyStyle releases first verification audit results of Lenzing’s wood sourcing


According to environmental nonprofit NGO’s Canopy and the Rainforest Alliance, Lenzing is rated low risk for sourcing wood from endangered or otherwise controversial sources.


Lenzing was the first leading viscose producer to complete the audit, which requires verifiable evidence that the wood and pulp Lenzing uses to produce its fibers are sourced based on Canopy and Rainforest Alliance framework designed to conserve biodiversity and maintain sustainable livelihoods.


“Canopy welcomes these first audit results as a key milestone on the CanopyStyle path to end the use of endangered forests in fabrics,” Canopy executive director Nicole Rycroft said in a press release. “These audits are a learning tool for producers and an instrument for Canopy and our 100 brand partners in assessing risk within the rayon-viscose supply chain. A warm congratulations to Lenzing being the first to take this significant step forward in fulfilling its CanopyStyle commitments.”


Lenzing launches new EcoVero™ fibers 


Taking another big step forward for sustainability, Lenzing brings EcoVero™ branded viscose fibers to the market, and these new fibers have set a new industry-wide benchmark for having the…


Read More at Carved in Blue

Top Textile and Fashion Exhibits on Deck During New York Textile Week

New York is the city of many things, but fashion and textiles are standouts.


If you want to see more than what’s on hand at the New York Textile Week shows, check out some of the exhibits on around the city at the same time.


Two exhibits are on at The Met, and one of them is “The Secret Life of Textiles: Synthetic Materials,” which features more than 40 ensembles from The Costume Institute’s collection 20th century creations made from materials like modern plastics.




Also at The Met is an exhibit called, “From the Imperial Theater: Chinese Opera Costumes of the 18th and 19th Centuries.” This exhibit looks at luxury textiles from artistic and technical points of view, with one focus on costumes used in dramas based on historical events, and another focusing on costumes used in plays based on legends and myths.


From The Met, head to the Museum of Arts and Design for “Fashion after Fashion,” which looks at redefining fashion after what fashion trend forecaster Li Edelkoort called “the end of fashion as we know it.”